Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is very bad at writing stuff like this, so this year he has employed a ghost writer to succinctly pen a few eloquent words that will make him look edgy and cool. Unfortunately, due to him being a tight arse, he wouldn't pay my normal fee so he is only getting the cheapskate service. [56] OK, so here we go; Agent Provocateur, or AP, is a spray artist from the stencil school… what? I can only use 100 words? Jeez, you need a lot more than 100 mate! I give up, ever heard the phrase “You can't polish a t

Art work by Agent Provocateur

Slick Dude by Agent Provocateur

Spray paint on canvas
Size 150 cm X 100 cm
Price £750.00
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Last of the Unicorns by Agent Provocateur

Spray paint on paper
Size 42 cm X 42 cm
Price £75.00
Out of Stock
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