Antonio Correia , better known under the pseudonym of Pantonio , is a Portuguese contemporary artist born in the Azores on Terceira Island in 1975. A street art enthusiast, he has essentially become known for his work as an urban artist. His universe develops around a fantastic bestiary. His style, "easily identifiable", combines simple, "flexible and fluid" lines, with a "predominance of blue and black". Known for his monumental street murals, he also exhibits at the gallery Intinerrance, in France. His work was observed in France at Pont des Arts and the Oberkampf MUR in May-June 2015. One of his monumental frescoes adorning the Siena Tower, instead of Veneto , in the 13 th  arrondissement of Paris. The latter is currently considered the biggest mural of Street Art in Europe.

Art work by Pantonio