Jody is a Bristol based designer and artist he began painting in 1987 at the now infamous Barton Hill Youth Club in Bristol developing a strong black and white figurative style alongside other Bristol artists: Inkie, Cheo and Banksy. After a long 18 year break he was interviewed for the book ‘Children of the Can – 25 Years of Bristol Graffiti’ in 2008 by Felix Braun, he was brought out of his retirement after a misinterpreted answer was printed in the book that he was ‘making a comeback’.

Although not officially 'Graffiti' in the strict and traditional sense of the word he considers himself more an aerosol artist. His work takes inspiration from fashion and film and takes a strong, graphic and noirish take on photorealistic female portraits and figurative subjects. His work explores themes of emotional depths that lurk just under the surface, thought provoking meditation through a darkly glamourous aesthetic.

Art work by Jody

Veyenal by Jody

SALE was £300
Size 58 cm X 58 cm
Price £240.00
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Fragile Love by Jody

Limited Edition giclee print
Size 70 cm X 50 cm
Price £95.00
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Rachael by Jody

Oil on wood
Size 65 cm X 47 cm
Price £450.00
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